Easy Positioning and Tracking in Closed Spaces

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The LabOcc Solution

We offer a suite of software and accompanying hardware to enable you to get real-time location data of your assets and equipment.


Easily bring your business locations online and monitor them all from one dashboard.

High Accuracy

Asset position can be obtained every second accurately within a 1m radius.


Get vital information at a glance with our sleek looking custom dashboards.

Industry Applications

Our technology has applicability in a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors. Contact us today for information tailored to your specific business requirements.

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Smart Laboratories

Monitor Laboratory occupancy for safety purposes and obtain machine or sector usage data to better understand the your laboratory workflow. Share important information with lab workers, and remotely tell which sector or machine is being used from any device.

The LabOcc Project

LabOcc is the brainchild of the Wet Chemistry Department at the Fraunhofer Institute of Solar Energy Systems, Freiburg. Funding is provided by the Ahead program